Pre-2.1.0 booting problems

Paolo Supino (
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 08:40:04 +0200 (IST)


My computer won't boot with pre-2.1.0 kernels (tried all 4 patches
published). Except for the first patch that simply rebooted the system
when uncompressing the kernel the other 3 prompt me the following error:

Invalid address for shpnt with 1542.

It give this error twice and the proceeds with the boot. It stops
when he needs to load to load the filesystems with the error:

Couldn't locate drive at 08:01 (not sure about the exact syntax of the

My computer is: 486/DX2 with Adaptec AHA1542CF (bios 2.01), and two
SCSI disks: IBM model:0662S12 (OEM drive) which hosts my root partition,
and Quantum model:CTS80S which hass my swap partition on.

Does this happen to others that have AHA1542CF? Did someone release a
patch to correct it?