Re: Money (was Re: test version of 2.1.0 available (fwd))

Jason Monroe (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 18:00:54 -0600

At 11:52 AM 9/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>>>>> "Linus" == Linus Torvalds <> writes:
> Linus> On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Marc Lewis wrote:
> >> > > Linus, > > Go ahead and put me down for AT LEAST $1. Just
> >> give me an address and > the exchange info and I'll be more
> >> than happy to support whatever > fiendish pleasure you may
> >> partake in, that would not be considered "your > job!" :) > >
> >> Mike
> >>
> >> There is a currency converter at
> >> ""... We just need an
> >> address, now.....
> Linus> I _really_ don't want money. You wouldn't believe how
> Linus> frustrating it is with personal cheques from the US - in
> Linus> the best case it costs on the order of $10-20 USD just to
> Linus> get them cached (*), and that's after arguing about it with
> Linus> the bank tellers for 10 minutes.
> Linus> As to the person who suggested beer - oh Gods. The Finnish
> Linus> customs people are all ex-Nazis, and they've gotten a lot
> Linus> grumpier since their austere leader shot his brains
> Linus> out. They have a bad day EVERY DAY. Their only joy in life
> Linus> is to confiscate alcohol from abroad.
>How about traveler's cheques, or cashier's cheques? You could save them
>up and spend them when you come to the US. Same for the beer: We could
>buy them for you over here. (Usenix, San Diego, in January, for
>instance. ;)
>Maybe you could open a bank account over here, and we could send money
>to the Linus Torvalds Beer Fund, Care of Whatever Bank. Then you could
>spend the bucks when you come over. If the fund gets big, you could
>ask the bank to wire some of the money to you. They could also issue
>you an American Express card that debits that account automatically.
>You can spend Amex anywhere.

Screwit.. just move to the states and be flodded with cash :)

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