Re: pre-2.1, AHA1542 fixes, WD7000
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 10:06:13 +0500

Hi Eric!

Sorry I don't know what this is about - I haven't been keeping up with
Linux lately. My system hasn't even been hooked up for the last two

FYI, I'm no longer at OSU. I graduated this past spring (Ph.D.) and I'm
now at Lucent Technologies in Columbus. My email address is

Anyway, I'll be glad to help if there are specific questions about the
wd7000 code you can't answer (although I can't imagine that...), if you
can give me a little context about what the discussion has been about.

Nice hearing from you... 8^)

>>One thing worries me, accessing the cdrom using workbone resulted in a
>>zero buff address and a non-zero length, hence the "buff && SCSI_PA"
>>around line 654. Eric, is this sensible? Also is the test "if
>>(SCSI_PA(shpnt+1) > ISA_DMA_THRESHOLD)" around line 953 still needed since
>>kmalloc supports DMA?
> Both of these tests are really just sanity checks. The one at
>953 was there because there was a time when kmalloc didn't have the GFP_DMA
>flag. I guess the test could be removed, but if it were me I would probably
>leave it just as another sanity check.
> The zero buffer address is most likely caused by a command that
>had no data transfer (i.e. TEST_UNIT_READY or something like it). Just
>an offhand guess.