Re: Filesystems patch for Daylight Savings Time

Morgan Sarges (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 13:41:14 +0000

Mike Bremford wrote:
> Sorry to ruin your day...
> I believe some Australian states have a DST of 1.5 hours or .5 hours -
> can't remember which (or possibly both) apply.
> Why not use the TZ things, or whatever it is that lives in
> /usr/lib/zoneinfo?
> Cheers... Mike
> (PS. Why not send Linus gold bars instead of cash? Just a thought...)

Just an afterthought here, but there is a section of China that uses a
+/- 45 minute
offset for Time Zone conversion (either zone to adjacent zone).

And as for gold bars, if South Dakota didnt have such high taxes on
gold from the state, it would be possible. Such is life with Homestake
mining company.

Morgan Sarges