Where are we on 2.0.x???

Lindsay Haisley (fmouse@fmp.com)
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 11:29:42 -0500

I run a small commercial online system and would like to stabilize my kernel
upgrades with 2.0.21 (or whatever 2.0.x kernel the kernel dieties say is the
finished product) but I've seen reports on this list of unresolved problems
with regard to:

* MTU Discovery

* PPP compression

* Virtual apache servers

* Recompilation of the kernel source

What's the status of these and other potential rough spots on the 2.0.21
kernel, and has 2.0.x improvement "officially" stopped with this kernel
version? Might I be better off using a kernel from early in the 2.0.x
series, or possibly one of the latter 1.3.x kernels which I've heard are
highly reliable and very stable?

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