Re: It won't let me format a floppy!!!And netscape news doesn't work....

Nils Philippsen (
26 Sep 1996 16:28:16 GMT

root ( wrote:
: root
: When I try to format a floppy I will type 'fdformat -n /dev/fd0H1440' and
: it will say 'no such device'.I checked and there is a /dev/fd0H1440 file.
: What gives?And if I try to mount it by typing ' mount -t ext2 /dev/fd0 /mnt'
: and it will say '/dev/fd0 is not a block device.What should I put in

Seems like You didn't compile floppy-support in the kernel, the device-file
is there but there's no device supported by the kernel corresponding to it

: /etc/fstab??I was also wondering how to use netscape news.It will connect
: to the news server fine but I can't get it to list all of the news groups(
: there's about 15,000 of em').I have a Gateway2000 p5-100 with 8 megs of
: RAM and a 28800 data/fax modem on cua0 running linux slackware 3.0 and
: win95(I used win95 to post this; I was that desperate!) if all of that
: helps.I would be very thankful if someone could please help me.My e-mail
: is

: Thanks for taking the time to read this,
: Andrew(root)

Regards, Nils

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