Re: [OFFTOPIC} $$$$ for Linus's efforts

Mike Wangsmo (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:24:13 -0600 (MDT)

On 25 Sep 1996, Matthew S. Crocker wrote:

> Mike Wangsmo ( wrote:
> : Along those lines, would it be easier if us US'ers just set up a
> : trust fund of some sort and used it to purchased some equipment, software,
> : etc, (what ever Linus might need) and then ship the purchased items
> : to him rather than trying to deal with the cash???????
> No,
> Customs is a pain in the a*s when shipping high powered computer
> parts over seas. Linus comes over to the states enough maybe he can
> setup an account in the states and cash checks through that account.
> A little bit of traveling money.
> -Matt
Excellent IDEA!!!!!! How about it Linus????? If the bank account and
bank were to be posted along with a physical address, anybody could make
a deposit to the account, but only you could make withdrawls.

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