Re: Solution: Modules under 2.1.0

Matthias Urlichs (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 13:50:03 +0100

In, article <>,
"Hoyer, Harald" <> writes:
> After 3 hours of lookin around what is wrong with insmod ... here is my
> small solution. Insmod is backward-compatible. I changed the
> parameterlist for sys_create_module because an unsigned long > MAX_INT is
> treated as en error for libc or whoever. SO it's a bad idea to take the

But that's a generic problem which affects some of other kernel functions
too (mmap(), brk(), ...). Adding another parameter to create_module() might
work for create_module(), but not for the others.

Besides, you now vane effectively created a new system call. For backwards
compatibility, that system call needs a new number, IMHO.

There's another patch which counts only negative numbers from -1 to -4095
as errors; I think that's preferable, and we can live without being able to
access the last page if somebody ever runs Linux with 1 GByte of main

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