Money (was Re: test version of 2.1.0 available (fwd)) (fwd)

Phil Lewis (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 19:14:55 -0500 (CDT)

>> We just need an address, now.....
>I _really_ don't want money. You wouldn't believe how frustrating it is with
>personal cheques from the US -

At this point I feel it incumbent upon me to speak up and help bring the
"unwanted voluntary contributions" conundrum to a close. I being the one
who started the whole thing. Statement follows:


My personal opinion is that Linus could bring the checks with him the next
time he comes to the states and ask almost anyone to cash them for him.
He could buy fine American catnip toys for the bored kitties of Finland.

But, since that, apparently, is not Linus's intention, I have formulated the
following plan:

Send the money to me.

I will purchase those excellent American catnip toys and use them to bring
joy to the felines of Finland.

Sincerely yours,

Phil Lewis
Lord of the Lamers, DNRC