Russell Berry (rberry@albany.net)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 22:10:22 -0400

Maybe I'm grasping for straw here, is there _anybody_ out there that can
give me a definitive answer as to why ppp performance degrades steadily?

I can initiate a ppp session with my isp, things are great, everything is
fine. After a half hour or so, the performance begins to decline, it only
gets worse and worse, until after several hours it becomes completely annoying
and I shut it down and restart a new session, which will be fine, but seems to
degrade quicker than the first. The third session degrades quicker than the
second, etc. Until I reboot the system and start all over.

ppp was good in 2.0.14, especially with irqtune. But ftape was broken, then
around 18 ftape was fixed and the memory eater went away, but irq.h changed and
ppp sucked. So 2.0.18 with the irq.h patched from 14 was a nice combination for
me. I've since moved up, 19, 20, 21. The ppp seems to be getting worse, again.
especially in the transition from 20 to 21, I mean really bad. I still can't
build my sound as module either.

Oh well, I suppose I'll stick with 20. I just fear that with the advent of 2.1
we won't be getting any more fixes in 2.0.