Re: IDE hanging

Gadi Oxman (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:14:20 +0300 (IST)

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Jason Burrell wrote:

> I've got an ATAPI CDROM plugged into the IDE port on my AWE32 Soundcard,
> which is plug and pray. The soundcard IDE is configured as ide2, thus making
> the CDROM /dev/hde. To configure the plug and pray twinkology, I have to
> boot into MS-DOG, wait for the Intel Configuration Mismanager to
> misconfigure it, and then reboot into Linux. Then all works well.
> The power failed earlier this evening, and the system rebooted. When it came
> back up, it booted into Linux, not DOS, as it should. When I tried to play
> an audio CD using workbone, the program hung, saying "status timeout:
> status=0xff", and "hde: drive not ready for command." This is all well and
> good -- it's talking to an IDE controller which, as far as the machine is
> concerned, doesn't exist because it hasn't been configured.
> Unfortunately, workbone *wouldn't die*. I kill -9'ed it several times, to no
> avail. Eventually, after sending those messages to the syslog a bunch of
> times, it aborted on its own.
> Is this a bug? Should the IDE driver exhibit this behavior?
> Just curious.

Hmm.. there are several factors playing here :-), and we should probably
address all this in 2.1.xx, but the "real" answer is that one should really
use "ide2=0x1e8" rather than "hde=cdrom" in most cases:

"ide2=0x1e8" means:

"Look at the teritary interface and see if you can find something
over there"

while "hde=cdrom" means:

"Configure this drive as a cdrom even when you are pretty sure that
there is nothing over there :-)"

Gadi Oxman