Re: [off-topic] unsolited mailings...

. Tethys (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 09:35:25 +0100

Alexandre Maret <> wrote:

>2) a suggestion :
> we could require use of pgp and send only encrypted mail
> to subscribers. We would produce a message
> readable by everyone on the list (possible with pgp...
> dunno how much time it would take to encrypt a 4kB
> mail for ... 1000 recipients (realistic?))
> we could also require all incoming mails to be signed,
> and use some kind of trusted key server... ran by linux's
> fans

Nice idea, but completely impractical, since a lot of people read the
linux mailing lists from work. Many companies have a policy of not
allowing external software (and PGP falls into this category) to be
loaded onto the corporate network, so you'd be preventing a large
number of people from reading the lists altogether :-(


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