[off-topic] unsolited mailings... (fwd)?

Albert Cahalan (albert@ccs.neu.edu)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 10:10:29 -0400 (EDT)

From: Alexandre Maret <amaret@infomaniak.ch>

[ways to prevent using mailing list addresses to email spam]

> 1) is there a mailing list for discussing this
> (or where to discuss this)

Here actually, since this is the affected list.

> 2) a suggestion :
> we could require use of pgp and send only encrypted mail
> to subscribers. We would produce a message
> readable by everyone on the list (possible with pgp...
> dunno how much time it would take to encrypt a 4kB
> mail for ... 1000 recipients (realistic?))
> we could also require all incoming mails to be signed,
> and use some kind of trusted key server... ran by linux's
> fans
> to avoid junkmailers digging into archives, looking for
> email addresses, we have to keep addresses secret
> oooops... I just thought about one thing : there may be
> remailers, decrypting the mailing list and forwarding
> it unencrypted...

If the list server would just delete email addresses then most
of the problems would stop within a few months I think.

Email addresses can be replaced be u_s_e_r_@_i_s_p_._c_o_m if
they are being collected mechanically from the news feed.

If there is a chance someone might code something to fix
addresses like that, then we can substitute 25sep96.42@some.place.
That some place may not exist (spammer bounces _lots_ of mail
because all the addresses are unique).

Better yet, some.place can forward mail to the real user for 48 hours
after a post, send a polite note for the next 7 days, and send the
source tree after that. The remailer can log hosts that seem to send
a large amount of mail to the fake addresses.