IDE hanging

Jason Burrell (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:00:20 -0500 (CDT)

I've got an ATAPI CDROM plugged into the IDE port on my AWE32 Soundcard,
which is plug and pray. The soundcard IDE is configured as ide2, thus making
the CDROM /dev/hde. To configure the plug and pray twinkology, I have to
boot into MS-DOG, wait for the Intel Configuration Mismanager to
misconfigure it, and then reboot into Linux. Then all works well.

The power failed earlier this evening, and the system rebooted. When it came
back up, it booted into Linux, not DOS, as it should. When I tried to play
an audio CD using workbone, the program hung, saying "status timeout:
status=0xff", and "hde: drive not ready for command." This is all well and
good -- it's talking to an IDE controller which, as far as the machine is
concerned, doesn't exist because it hasn't been configured.

Unfortunately, workbone *wouldn't die*. I kill -9'ed it several times, to no
avail. Eventually, after sending those messages to the syslog a bunch of
times, it aborted on its own.

Is this a bug? Should the IDE driver exhibit this behavior?

Just curious.