Re: [off-topic] unsolited mailings...

Mark Montague (
25 Sep 1996 04:29:11 GMT

Alexandre Maret <> writes:

> we could require use of pgp and send only encrypted mail
> to subscribers. We would produce a message
> readable by everyone on the list (possible with pgp...
> dunno how much time it would take to encrypt a 4kB
> mail for ... 1000 recipients (realistic?))


> any comment ?

I read this through a local caltech mail-to-news gateway, so I see it
as news, which would make the PGP scheme inconvenient at best, and
unworkable (for me) at worst, unless I really subscribe separately...
then again, I'm mostly a voiceless lurker...


- M

P.S. I wonder if posting from here is set up right; I'll be interested
to see what the headers say about the path this message takes...

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