Lockups on 2.0.15-2.0.18

Kevin Fenzi (kevin@scrye.com)
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 15:23:33 -0600

Hi all.

I was running 2.0.12 on my SMP dual p-166 system just fine.
I had to take the machine down to add some hardware, and decided to
upgrade to the latest (2.0.18).

Compiled kernel, installed, rebooted. Everything came up fine, but
after a short period of time, the machine locked up. Total lock
up. Had to hit the reset button. ;(

Did some things to track it down further.

It appears that 2.0.14 is the last kernel that doesn't lock up my
machine. 2.0.15 - 2.0.18 all exibit the lock up. Also, I narrowed the
lock up down to when the machine is about to swap. ie, 90+% of memory
is used and you start something like a netscape or XEmacs.

I know a number of people that have upgraded their uniprocessor
machines to 2.0.18 and had no problems. Is there anything that has
been added to SMP that might be causing problems?

Is there anything I can do to further track down the problem? I get no
oops or other output, the machine just locks up solid (perhaps trying
to swap to the disk?)

any other ideas? Thanks for any suggestions...