Re: NE2000 Module Problem

Andrew E. Mileski (
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 16:53:49 -0400 (EDT)

> You should load module using modprobe because module ne.o requaires 8390.o
> Ofcourse you may doit yourself:
> insmod 8390.o
> insmod ne irq=... io=....

After doing some head banging I realize the problem: the NE2000 driver
is dumb-as-a-post when it comes to autoprobing :-(

The RealTek RTK8029 cards are _PCI_ so they must be probed, and hence
the current driver cannot be used as a module. This should be documented.

It looks pretty simple to me to autoprobe AFTER boot, I don't see
what the fuss is about. Can someone explain why the driver refuses?
Especially before I try to write a better one!

P.S. The RTK8029 is a PCI card, but is listed as an "Other ISA Cards"
during "make config". Perhaps this should be changed, or at least

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