Re: Booting off of a MD striped drive?

Mike Bristow (
7 Sep 1996 13:46:03 GMT

In article <>,
Adam J Megacz <> writes:
> Hi. I have 2 drives, MD-ed together, that I'd like to boot off of.
>Right now I have a root partition on the first one, and the rest of the
>first one is striped with the second one. Is there a way to make them
>into one BIG drive and just boot off of that (i.e., ardcode 'mdadd
>/dev/md0 /dev/hda1 /dev/hdb1' into the kernel). Could an initial ram
>disk be used? Could I have a small root partition to set up the MD
>device and then unmount that partition and remount /dev/md0 as root?
>Even better yet, is there a kernel parameter I can pass to MD that will
>let it know that md0=hda1+hdb1? Thanks for any help 'yall can give me.
> - Adam

I'm guessing, but I expect initrd could do this. If you could load a
small HDD partition as a ramdisk, run mdadd and friends, and then unload
ramdisk and remount /dev/md0 as a root disk, then it'll work.

Let me know if it works out. Or doesn't ;)


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