Re: [off-topic] Fully virtualisable CPUs

Craig Milo Rogers (
Sat, 07 Sep 96 12:26:41 PDT

>> On the intel chips instructions that report the CPU state don't cause
>> an exception. Pity as if they did we could conceivably just boot windows95
>> or nt or OS/2 or whatever in a window (and vice versa).
>Hmm, that's not a very big difference (well it may be in silicon, but I
>don't think it's to big), they still could do that in the next round of
>P5/P6/P...'s ;).

Hmmm... if AMD or Cyrix were to offer this as an architectural
extension, I bet they'd sell a *lot* of chips to Linux users. Maybe
it could be done in a way that doesn't require much kernel support
beyond what's already in place for DOSEMU, too.

Craig Milo Rogers