Re: TRAVAN tape

Steven N. Hirsch (
Sat, 07 Sep 1996 12:26:19 -0400

David Monro wrote:
> >
> > (Benchmarks are great, eh? <g>)

> Exactly. Of course a DLT is overkill for most home systems (do _you_ need to
> back up 25Gb/night?), but great for big servers. DAT is good for serious home
> users and medium servers at up to 6Gb per tape at about 600K/s. Below that
> maybe the larger capacity QIC drives for up to a bit over a gig, and maybe
> then Travan. After that, anything you can scrounge :-) (old QIC, old floppy
> tape, maybe a SCSI reel to reel drive if you are completely mad)
> btw, does anybody know what (if anything) the density code 0x04 is used for?
> My tape drive appears to accept densities 0x04, 0x05, 0x0f and 0x10, but mt
> just says unknown for 0x04.

This IS getting off-topic but, to wind it up on my part, density code
0x04 is defined as QIC-11 format; totally obsolete. Most current drives
will _read_ QIC-11 tapes (auto-sensing the format, I suppose) but cannot
write them.