CD ROM Troubles

Anthony Tuininga (
Sat, 7 Sep 1996 08:51:31 -0600


I just acquired a copy of Personal Empress for Linux and tried to install it
on my machine -- it failed miserably on the uncompress from the CD ROM.
Apparently at some point during the uncompress tar runs into a problem and
bails out. If I copy the file (which is about 15MB in size) onto the hard
drive and try it, I get the same problem. If I perform a diff on the copied
file and on the file on the CD ROM it tells me that the files are different!
Something very strange is going on! I tried it under kernel 1.3.15 to see if
anything new had caused problems but that didn't help any either. I just
upgraded to version 2.0.17 and the problem actually seemed to get worse (the
tar error occurs much earlier in the archive). Any help on this problem
would be much appreciated! :-)

Oh, I did find a workaround for this problem -- I copied it under MS DOS
and then uncompressed, which worked, so the CD ROM drive is not faulty.

I am running kernel 2.0.17 (was 2.0.8) and the CD ROM drive as detected
by the kernel on startup is a Hitachi CDR-7730, ATAPI CD ROM drive. I am
using the default ATAPI driver.