Where to put new drivers?

Hubert Mantel (mantel@suse.de)
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 17:01:51 +0200 (MET DST)


There's a company here in Germany manufacturing high end SCSI disk array
controllers (ICP vortex).

Some time ago they sent me the linux driver (GPL'ed) and asked to
incorporate it into our linux distribution. As they are not too familiar
with the kernel mailing lists, they asked me to send it to Linus in order
to integrate this driver into the "official" kernel.

I sent this driver to Linus several months ago but received no answer
(naturally, Linus is buried in EMail, I think). So I uploaded the driver
to sunsite.unc.edu's Incoming directory, but it seems to have been deleted

Now my question: Where to put this driver to make it go into the kernel?
It compiles out of the box (I tried kernels from 1.99.3 to 2.0.18) without
any warning. I cannot test it, because I don't have the hardware, but the
folks at ICP vortex report that it is working like a charm.

I think it's great that hardware manufacturers are writing device drivers
for linux by themselves, but it's not easy to make them go into the

If anyone has the hardware (all adapters manufactured by ICP vortex are
supported by this driver) and wants to test it out, please drop me line
and I will send you the patch.

Hubert mantel@suse.de