Re: 2.0.17 hangs on boot

D. Chiodo (
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 08:42:32 -0400 (EDT)

Upgraded 2.0.12 -> 2.0.18

2.0.12 was mostly ok, except for some serious annoyances with some SCO
COFF binaries I have... (But I dont think it was the kernel causing that,
rather a library problem or something)..

Anyway, on a system freshbooted in the evening, mostly idle overnight, I
find this on my console: (along with a bunch of "idle process may not
sleep", and an "Aiee, killing interrupt handler")

divide error: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<0010ecf2>]
EFLAGS: 00010046
eax: 00000000 ebx: fd8a6868 ecx: 000026c7 edx: 00002710
esi: 48a5ffe5 edi: 00000000 ebp: 00001900 esp: 001d6d28
ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 0018 ss: 0018
Process swapper (pid: 0, process nr: 0, stackpage=001d4f1c)
Stack: 001d6d64 00000216 001d6dac 0010ede6 001d6d6c 243084cd 00195f68 001d6d64
001d6d6c 001d6d6c 0037d60c 00feab20 00feab3c 0000d006 0013d006 322f9e93
00031372 4682dee9 f00af0ec 4a0eb1f4 0c5eb95f db52a35d 767cfde9 9985ac77
Call Trace: [<0010ede6>] [<00195f68>] [<0013d006>] [<001461c3>] [<0019b93e>] [<0013ed8f>] [<001392ec>]
[<001161e7>] [<0010a42b>] [<0010957f>] [<001095d3>] [<0010a4a2>] [<001092f4>] [<0010917f>]
Code: f7 f1 a3 1c 48 1d 00 89 c3 0f 31 31 d2 29 f0 f7 e3 81 fa 0f


Using `/' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 10ecf2 <do_fast_gettimeoffset+52/78>
Trace: 10ede6 <do_gettimeofday+22/44>
Trace: 195f68 <secure_tcp_sequence_number+7c/b0>
Trace: 13d006 <rt_add+f2/3e0>
Trace: 1461c3 <tcp_rcv+2db/7fc>
Trace: 19b93e <ei_receive+21e/2b4>
Trace: 13ed8f <ip_rcv+38b/4a4>
Trace: 1392ec <net_bh+ec/10c>
Trace: 1161e7 <do_bottom_half+3b/60>
Trace: 10a42b <handle_bottom_half+b/20>
Trace: 10957f <hard_idle+1f/38>
Trace: 1095d3 <sys_idle+3b/70>
Trace: 10a4a2 <system_call+52/80>
Trace: 1092f4 <init>
Trace: 10917f <start_kernel+177/184>

Code: 10ecf2 <do_fast_gettimeoffset+52/78> divl %ecx,%eax
Code: 10ecf4 <do_fast_gettimeoffset+54/78> movl %eax,0x1d481c
Code: 10ecf9 <do_fast_gettimeoffset+59/78> movl %eax,%ebx
Code: 10ecfb <do_fast_gettimeoffset+5b/78> rdtsc
Code: 10ecfd <do_fast_gettimeoffset+5d/78> xorl %edx,%edx
Code: 10ecff <do_fast_gettimeoffset+5f/78> subl %esi,%eax
Code: 10ed01 <do_fast_gettimeoffset+61/78> mull %ebx,%eax
Code: 10ed03 <do_fast_gettimeoffset+63/78> cmpl $0x9090000f,%edx
Code: 10ed09 <do_fast_gettimeoffset+69/78> nop