Re: odd problems umounting nfs filesystems (fwd)

Lindsay Haisley (
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 14:56:35 -0500

I upgraded rpc.nfsd from v2.1 to v2.2 beta2 and so far this seems to have
solved the problem.

>> If I mount my CD-ROM on machine A (where it lives) and then NFS mount it on
>> machine B, everything works fine. Reversing the process is somewhat more
>> difficult. Unmounting the NSF mount on machine B goes OK, however
>> apparently machine A doesn't get the message, since attempting to unmount
>NFS is stateless it doesn't have any concept at all of an "unmount", its
>idea of a mount is just "what is the root node of this file system and can
>I access it ?".
>Assuming your nfsd is past prehistoric it will close all cached file handles
>after about 30 seconds of non use. If your nfsd is prehistoric you should
>update it.

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