Re: POP3 Error

Darrin R. Smith (
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 17:59:53 -0400

Daniel Lafraia wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I got a problem with POP3.
> I'm running Kernel 2.0.15 and since I made a boot all users who
> are accessing their Mail Boxes they got the following message (Netscape):
> "An error occured with POP3 Server, please contact the administrator
> of this system or try later"

> Thanks in advance.
> Best Regards,
> Daniel Lafraia (Brazil)

I get this all the time. It usually occurs when the link
between netscape and my ISP stalls for some reason. When netscape
times out, this is the error I get.

This is also reproduceable if one of the messages in the
mailbox to be downloaded is particularly large(say about 1 Meg.). In
this case, netscape will timeout on the download even though the link
may have been active the whole time.

Anyway, this is with Netscape 2.02, my ISP is running Linux
2.0.0, and I am running Linux 2.0.8. I don't know if it's kernel
related or not, but hopefully if it is, this info will help out.


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