Re: booting Linux from a dos box in win3.1

Darrin R. Smith (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 19:08:03 -0400

0xdeadbeef wrote:
> okay, this is a touch offtopic for this list, but if anybody knows how to
> do the following they're probably on the list. basically, i need to know
> if it's at all possible to boot Linux from a Windows 3.1 DOS box without
> exiting Windows. if there's something that's alpha-test of


> Thanks in advance for any info. I realize that this is a bit offtopic,
> but if it doesn't exist i'm going to try to write it.
> Simon Karpen

I have seen many setup programs for Windows do something very
similar -- ie. exit windows briefly to perform some dos command. What
you really need for this is a Windows compiler and a full API reference
for windows. I'm certain there's an API function in there just for
this task. I would post an example, but my API reference is at work
right now. -- maybe I can do it tomorrow.


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