Re: Linux 2.1.x?

Brian Grossman (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 08:32:37 -0600

> Ok, this _may_ have been the bug with the kernel wait queues that was fixed
> in .15 (and that then resulted in the other problems showing up). I certainly
> hope that .17 is stable again (despite one report of problems with ppp -
> maybe module recompile time).

Make that two reports. I hope this helps.

I'm running on a P90, Elf system, with PPP as a module. Nfs is also
a module and was probably running at the time too. Ncr53c810 SCSI.
NE-2000 clone. Pentium optimizing gcc (pentium gcc pl8 I think).
Kerneld 2.0.0. Kernel 2.0.1 works well, except for sound of course (SB-16).

In the past, the system would crash (in X, no log message, no response
to ping) at the end of an ftp. This started at 2.0.2 or 2.0.3. The
last I tried before 2.0.17 was 2.0.12. I rebuild the modules for
each new kernel.

When I tried 2.0.17, it stayed up much longer. FTP over the PPP link
worked fine. It crashed (in X, no log message, no response to ping)
when I ran inc. Inc hits a machine on the local net (running linux
1.3.27). The 1.3.27 machine gets its mail spool via nfs from
the 2.0.17 machine.