SMB filesystem imbalance

Lindsay Haisley (
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 09:44:55 -0500 (CDT)

It might be more appropriate to post this to one of the Samba forums,
however it apparently involves SBM filesystem support in the Linux kernel.

After mounting (using smbmount) one of my remote Win 95 drives on either of
my Linux systems I can only read short filenames from the remote drive (e.g.
longfi~1.txt instead of longfilename.txt). This is true for any operation
which reads files or filenames from the W95 system (ls, cp, etc.). Writing
files to the remote system works correctly, however. Copying
longfilename.txt from a Linux box to a Win 95 system results in the
appropriate long filename on the latter (as seen in Win 95) however the name
is still truncated to longfi~1.txt in the Linux listing and in a copy back.

I have smb support loaded as a module. vfat.o is also a module, however
loading it appears to make no difference to this problem. I use samba
(loaded out of my startup files) to give access from Linux drives to my Win
95 machines under which long filenames work correctly both on reading and
writing, as seen from the Win 95 end.

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