Was Re: Kingston Turbochip Upgrade Now New Cpu/Motherboard

Douglas F. Elznic (delznic@axess.net)
Mon, 02 Sep 1996 23:54:06 -0400

Thanks to everyone with their help regarding the kingston chip. Due to the
recommendations I am going to get a new motherboard with a new cpu. I want
to be able to get the fastest processor for the least amount of money. Plus
i want to get a m'board to go along with it that is upgradable to 512k
cache. So my questions now become:
What is the best
CPU type/speed

My desire sometimes exceed my funds. I have to be able to justify the
performance price ratio. And I also want to be able to have little to no
problems with the linux kernel. I had heard that the NexGen (AMD maybe) chip
was incompatible or had problems.

I have about three hundred to spend on a motherboard. And then from their I
will be buying the cpu till the money becomes available. I am probably going
to just use the current 486 till I can buy the chip.

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