wrong information about cache size in linux/Configure.help

Harald Anlauf (anlauf@crunch.ikp.physik.th-darmstadt.de)
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 15:43:05 +0200

To whoever is responsible for this section in linux/Configure.help, as
of 2.0.16:

Limit memory to low 16MB
You also need at least 512kB of RAM cache if you have more than 64MB of RAM.

As it is stated, this must be (and is) plain wrong. The amount of
cachable RAM depends on the chipset, cache organization, size of tag RAM
etc. (In the case of P6 systems with on-chip L2 cache, there's no way to
upgrade the cache ;)

Could somebody with the proper knowledge change this, clarify it and/or
maybe add a file Help_my_computer_is_slow_after_upgrading_RAM :^), or a
hint to the FAQ.