Re: Linux does not recognize my /dev/lp devices

Thomas Quinot (
1 Sep 1996 14:13:43 GMT

Pete ( écrit :

> system using UMSDOS under Win95. Win95 and the BIOS say my parralel
> port hardware is set at IRQ 7 with IO at 0378h-037bh. Win 95 recognizes
> this as LPT1, but I seem to recall this as LPT2.

Actually it depends whether you have another parallel port at 0x3bc.
If you have one, 0x3bc will be LPT1, and 0x378 will be LPT2, if you
don't 0x378 will be LPT1. Under Linux, 0x3bc is always /dev/lp0,
is 0x378 is always /dev/lp1.

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