Re: Crash, Ooops, Aiee, Freeze, Blah, Blah

Terry Dawson (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 19:43:13 +1000

Greg Patterson wrote:
> *Ahem*
> I just posted a long list of panics a few minutes ago but now I think I
> discovered why I have been experiencing many kernel panics lately. I
> opened up my PC and the CPU fan was no longer spinning. It's probably
> been that way for at least a month would be my guess.
> I've coaxed it into spinning again so I'll leave it as is and hope the
> panics go away.

Time for a comp.risks posting on this matter sometime I think.
I have seen -so- many of these reported in the past few months, not
to mention falling victim to it myself, and I might add, again tonight.

Pentiums are risky devices to put in unsupervised and non-temp
environments. The fans stop and they die, and alway sin the middle of
doing something important.