Need Help: gcc error 11 when compiling kernel

Anthony Brown (
23 Aug 1996 05:30:27 GMT

Why is it when I compile my kernel under gcc 1.2 and a kernel of 1.2.x it
fails on various files all the time. I'm running a P133 w/ 32MB EDO
256PBK and an 850 EIDE HD. If I compile the same file that it errored on
manually it's fine.

It always errors on a different file even with the same config.

I updated the kernel to 1.3 by installing the kernel via disk from a
friends , but I still could not compile a newer version on mine. Even 2.0
won't compile.

Everything works up to make zlilo.
make config;
make clean;
make dep; all work good but the make zlilo, make zDisk always error
as above...