Re: more NCR53c8xx ext2 problems.

Jon Burgess (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 00:07:25 -0700

To test for these kind of problems I would try producing a large
datafile, maybe a dd from /dev/urandom of 20M or so. A size
is needed which is greater than any caching that may occur.
Then run a loop creating a checksum over and over again for the data
- they should be the same on every run. If not then you know that you've
got a communications problem somewhere.
md5sum is a very good checksum program that does exactly what you want.
It allows you to generate a checksmu and then check a file against it
for integrity, a simple while(1) loop in your shell should keep the test
running for a while.

I've got a script somewhere that does this, but i'm not on-line with
Linux at the moment. Pity.