Re: EXT2-fs warning (device 16:0n)...

Bruce Perens (
Thu, 22 Aug 96 12:10 PDT

> The first question is this: which device are 16:02 and 16:01 ?
> I looked in /dev searching for devices whith major number 16 but
> I didn't found any. Shouldn't hda and hdc correspond to major 3 and 22 ?

The message is in hex (which is probably a mistake). It's hdc2 and hdc1.

> I've tryed to e2fsck /dev/hdc2 (thinking that device 16:02 corresponds
> to /dev/hdc2) and it found a lot of errors, but it seemed that e2fsck
> was able to correct them all; after rebooting similar messages appeared
> again after some hours.

> Any clue about this?

Any random core dumps? This is going to sound stupid, but check for bad RAM.
Any bad block (I/O error) messages?