1.3.20 Kernel Prob- HELP!

Thu, 22 Aug 1996 12:18:13 -0400 (EDT)

Hello everyone,
I just installed Linux Slackware, version 3.0, with the experimental
kernel 1.3.20. On installation, everything worked GREAT. I then
reconfigured the kernel to support my Sound Card, and that was fine too.
However, in the kernel config, I also elected to support NFS, even though my
box is stand-alone. Anyway, everything was working fine, UNTIL I downloaded
some PPP connect software from my local ISP. I configured it, and it would
establish connection to them, but telnet, ftp, etc. wouldn't work. So, I
reconfigured netconfig, (using the netconfig script), THIS IS WHERE THE
PROBLEM LIES. After running netconfig, and filling in the IP's, etc for my
ISP, when I rebooted, my machine stopped at the part where the kernel is
loading NFSd, and started scrolling 8 digit hex numbers. I tried rebooting
- did the same thing. Then I tried booting from my bootkernel disk - same
again. Next, I tried making a different (less complex) kernel disk from the
pre-compiled kernels on ftp.blah. This caused VFS to panic the kernel, and
I'm stuck. Please help!

If I can just find a way NOT to load NFSd, I think I'll be OK. Any Help is
GREATLY appreciated!

Jason Witty