Re: Linux support denial in commercial products?

Gaspy Silverleaf (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 00:57:53 -0500

I'm sorry but I really guess I should clarify myself ... I really don't
care about commercial support and commercial applications from companies
like netscape, Microsoft, and oracle ... I don't dislike commercial
companies as long as they understand how things work in the Linux
development environment ... I like the idea of more people using Linux and
I become the all-powerful one, but UNIX isn't attractive to lots of people
... many see it's power and like it but many of those don't want to learn
something that complex (and it is that complex to most people) ... but to
some of us UNIX/Linux is very worthwhile and enjoyable I don't really care
to change things to attract the masses or appease large database companies,
but I have noticed that many people do want these things, and I can see why
they would like these things, but many of these kinds of things would make
Linux something more like DOS, Windows 95, and the MacOs ... which follow
an ideal I don't think most of us like, but I could be really wrong.

And I think a Win32 emulator would be nice but that belongs in the
wine-devel list

Stuart Stegall