Re: Linux support denial in commercial products?

Gaspy Silverleaf (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 23:06:28 -0500

[ big snip ]
> And Linux sales are not plummeting! All this thinking is so american.
> We forgot our roots already.

Please let us not say things like this ... remember a lot of people come
from everywhere and then some. That said ....

Yes, it would be nice to go and fix these things and when I win the lottery
I'll get down and fix them :)

As to winning over database companies ... I'm just not sure that this is
the direction I'd like to see Linux head in .... I'd much rather have fun
and learn many new cool things than worry about making silly companies
happy. I have always enjoyed Linux and the people who help make it what it
is. I just don't think I feel the need to win over commercial support, and
in my experience with other people who use Linux, that they wouldn't really
like to see it follow the masses, though it would be nice to get a good job
developing games for Linux :). I would much rather see many more enjoyable
features to make my Linux experience fun. I realize many of you probably
disagree, but this is the way I feel and I honestly believe others do to.
And I also feel this does belong on what I _think_ is the most widely read
of Linux mail lists, as it is a part of what will happen along the line,
there is a big possibility that all of us may split into two separate
development groups to satisfy two different aims but as that may be I think
we should discuss it more and work out what we all believe is the most
*interesting* way to go.

Thank you,

Stuart Stegall