Re: Token Ring Patch

Thu, 22 Aug 1996 04:08:27 +0200 (MET DST)

Here we have about 250 TR adapters :
- IBM 4/16
don't work under linux here (but we found the driver for
windows 3.11 :)

- IBM (i don't know the model, but this is a 4Mbit/s, very long adapter)
We noticed that the "Arrrg 50 ms donald reset..." message appears only
under heavy load of the adapter : big ftp transfer or x+www...

What a pity because these cards works well under dos and nt.

- IBM 16/4 Adapter II
Works on dos, nt, linux but only if your card is old enough (chips
manufacturated in 1989 for example...)

Anyway, three remarks :
1 - There is perhaps a race condition due to cpu speed, because
it's more and more difficult for us to make very recent computers
work w/ TR.
2 - We never manage to use a TR card w/ an asustech motherboard
3 - When the DEC Alpha TR driver was in development here, a guy here
patched the Intel driver to increase the wait : 300ms instead of 50ms.
He told me that all the "Arrg" disapeared.

Hope this help,

Regis "HPReg" DUCHESNE, Engineering Student at Ecole Centrale Paris
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