Re: Linux-Sparc ext2 compatibility?

Theodore Y. Ts'o (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 16:01:23 -0400

From: "Michael K. Johnson" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 14:43:24 -0400

The ext2fs in the sparc snapshots appears to be using ext2_bit_set;
that appears to be something that didn't get back-propogated because
of the code freeze. That is, I grep'ed in fs/ext2/*.c for set_bit
and only saw ext2_set_bit...

Oh, good. I thought RedHat was about to start shipping a Sparc
distribution based on the 2.0 kernel sources with little or no changes,
and therefore assumed the worst. :-)

Sounds like the right thing is in fact going to happen. Whew!

Ted, you might want to make sure ext2lib has the same fixes as the
sparc ext2 filesystem.

E2fsprogs 1.04 is currently using the old (wrong) set_bit(). My current
development sources for e2fsprogs 1.05 has the use of set_bit()
dependent on a configure --enable-std-bitops option.

It sounds like I can change things for e2fsprogs 1.05 so that it simply
always uses the standard set_bit() implementation. Is this correct?
Anyone who is using the Sparc kernel with the old set_bit() for the ext2
bitmaps, speak now or forever hold your peace.....

- Ted