Re: Linux-Sparc ext2 compatibility?

Michael K. Johnson (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 14:43:24 -0400

Alan Cox writes:
>[Ted wrote:]
>> Or, we could decide that we don't care, and just simply leave things in
>> an incompatible state. That would be a real shame though, I think.
>Or we write a widget for flipping them. We've had a symlink situation like
>this already. And Id favour fixing it even if it needs a flag day. After
>all everyone is about to download and install rembrandt on their sparc
>right 8)

The ext2fs in the sparc snapshots appears to be using ext2_bit_set;
that appears to be something that didn't get back-propogated because
of the code freeze. That is, I grep'ed in fs/ext2/*.c for set_bit
and only saw ext2_set_bit...

Ted, you might want to make sure ext2lib has the same fixes as the
sparc ext2 filesystem.


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