2.0.13 Sockets Stuck on close

Christoph Lameter (clameter@miriam.fuller.edu)
20 Aug 1996 21:19:23 -0700

I have right now two apache httpd's stuck on port 80 with the Socket
in condition close since a few hours:

aaron:~# netstat -t
Active Internet connections (w/o servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State
tcp 0 0 aaron.fulle:netbios-ssn pac5.fuller.edu:1027 ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 aaron.fulle:netbios-ssn digi5.fuller.edu:1057ESTABLISHED
tcp 1 0 aaron.fuller.edu:www wwwproxy1.ac.il:27656 CLOSE
tcp 0 0 aaron.fuller.edu:www comada.lnd.com:1139 CLOSE
tcp 484 0 aaron.fuller.edu:www gw1.csfb.com:3217ESTABLISHED
tcp 438 0 aaron.fuller.edu:telnet vax.fuller.edu:3188 CLOSE
tcp 0 126 aaron.fuller.edu:telnet hur_s0.fuller.edu:1468 ESTABLISHED

Does anyone know how to resolve these problems?
I have had the same with rlogin until I got a hacked version from Miquel
that tries alternate source ports when connecting.

I get rather frustrated with Linux Networking.

There are three major problems with the 2.0.X Network stuff:

1. Sockets Hang in Close

2. TCP sessions stall on busy machines.

3. Signal delivery is still unreliable. I sometimes get
pppd's, menu programs stuck just polling for input. If I send
them a HUP signal they gladly go away.

Dont tell me something about POSIX! I have been trhough this issue
with Linus and Tso.