Re: AMD K5 Divide error with 2.0.0

Danny ter Haar (
21 Aug 1996 15:27:50 +0200

In article <>, <> wrote:
>I have installed the SUSE Linux on a brand new AMD K5 machine with 8MB of RAM, and things (lots of different things) keep dying with a divide by zero error:

[trace deleted]

>I noticed one other message (from Danny ter Haar) about this about a month ago in dejanews, but there were no answers. Too bad!

I sold my AMD and bought a intel cpu :-((((

I bought a intel_in_box (100Mhz) and overclocked it to 133Mhz.
that at least took away some of the pain.

>If anyone has anyother ideas, or even better, patches, let me know.
>I will try adding more memory (though it won't be EDO)

I exchanged about all.
To no result.

Good luck