Re: getting Linux into business..

Eric Youngdale (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 09:30:45 -0400

>More generally, whenever one partition cannot be unmounted, all of the
>partitions should be unmounted anyway. I used to have a problem with an
>unreliable disk and/or scsi controller that would force me to fsck every
>partition on every disk just because trying to shut down one partition got
>stuck. This was the old buslogic driver, not the new one, but I think the
>problem is not specific to a single scsi driver.

I am wondering whether umount should be made more robust so that
it essentially forks prior to each unmount attempt. When all the children
have died we know that everything is unmounted, and we can proceed. If
one of the umounts hangs, then at least all of the remaining partitions
are cleanly unmounted.

If some NFS partition cannot be unmounted, can we still force the
root partition back to R/O status so that it is also marked clean?


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