Re: Upgrade Info

Roderich Kluemke (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 13:47:13 +0200

Sauro Sgatti wrote:
> I have slakware 3.0.0 ELF (linux 1.2.13).
> How to upgrade at Linux 2.0 ? I am novice.
> If you answer, please give me plus detail possible.
> (Excuse me don't speak english but understand.
I can recommend a very good site which is updated regularly.
Read all the info there carefully and get the files. Go to:
There are shellscripts which do the installation work for you. But be
careful anyway, read them, to see what they are doing and maybe change
some paths depending on which kernel you want to use. (I used 2.0.0.)
Most of the packages can also be found on,
look for a mirror site near to you.
The newest kernels reside on,
but there are many mirrors too.
I used all this to upgrade and it worked fine for me.
Hope for you too