Re: SMP locks up when NFS times out

Lee Hetherington (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 20:03:55 -0400

Alan Cox writes:
| NFS really requires you set the wsize/rsize to a multiple of the block size
| of the target device. (ie for Linux servers multiple of 1K, for SunOS and
| Alpha multiple of 8K, for *BSD multiple of 4K).

I would love to use 8k blocks, but with rsize=8192 my SMP freezes almost
instantly. Someone mentioned that at rsize >= 4096 some asynchronous
RPC component of the kernel becomes involved.

| Intriguing. It won't lock up on me either way (including hard mounts). One
| thing 4K blocks does do is make it less likely you will have free pages when
| you need them. Nothing should break (in theory ;)) because of that and Im
| guessing like most SMP users you have a ton of RAM ?

It won't lock up on you with hard and rsize >= 4096?

Yes, one DELL has 128MB, the other 144MB.

Lee Hetherington