Re: Token Ring Patch

Steven N. Hirsch (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 18:22:17 -0400

Paul P. Norton wrote:
> This patch fixes:
> 1. Most (maybe all) token-ring lockups due to the Arrg problem.
> 2. "Unknown command in asb 08" errors.
> 3. Incorrect open error code handling.
> Thanks to Michael Madore, Christopher A. Smith, James Walter Martin III,
> Joe Hindsley and Harald Becker for their assistance in debugging this
> problem.
> Please email me at with any problems, questions or
> comments regarding this patch.
> Paul


VERY timely.. I just spent about two days battling with token ring on my boxes. For
some odd reason, the existing driver worked fine on a 486DX2-66 machine, but failed
sporadically with the "ARrggh .. 50ms timeout.." error on a DX4/100. I was becoming
convinced that it was a race condition triggered by the faster CPU and spent today
trying to chase down a programming manual for the NIC's. I'm using 3Com 3C619Bs,

I'd greatly enjoy hearing from anyone else actively banging on TR support under
Linux. Repeated searches of comp.os.linux.networking turn up nothing!

- Steve