Problems with Cyclades

Scott Nauer (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 13:52:42 -0500 (CDT)

Hi guys,

I have a little problem here. I have a pentium 133 server with a Cyclades
board (32 ports). I have had the Cyclades board for about a year. On our
old server (Pentium 75) it worked without a hitch under kernel 1.2.13.

The new server is running RedHat 3.0.3 with the 2.0-kernel updates.
Currently I am running 2.0.12 kernel. The Cyclades board locks up solid.
They only way to get it working is to reboot the machine.

Here is the hardware:
Pentium 133
Buslogic 948 with 2 2G hard drives
generic SVGA
Cyclades board
SMC Etherpower 10/100

Right now I have the Cyclades driver loaded as a module (but I have tried it
compiled into the kernel also).

The interesting part is that when it crashes I look at lsmod and here is
what it shows:
Module: #pages: Used by:
ppp 5 2 (autoclean)
slhc 2 [ppp] 2 (autoclean)
cyclades 9 237 (autoclean)

When I did this there were 2 people using PPP and 20 getty's running.
Should the "Used by:" count be that high. I checked on boot up it starts
out in the low 20's.

BTW- Nothing shows in the logs or on the console. It just silently locks
the board.

Anyone seen this before?

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