modem/uugetty crashing 2.0.10

Tyson D Sawyer (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 23:31:54 -0400 (EDT)

I am having a strange problem either with the serial driver or uugetty.
The basic simptom is that in as of yet unpredictable conditions, uugetty
will not answer the phone. I am using an internal modem on ttyS2 and
irq 2. When I try to HUP uugetty to restart it, the system logs that
uugetty is exiting and then stops cold. The only response is from
the reset switch. A network connected computer is unable to ping the

It would seem impossible and unreasonable for uugetty to crash the
computer cold like that. It also seems that the serial drivers should
be well tested and debugged by now. I am also running a Comtrol
RocketPort and it seems to be flawless. It uses no IRQs and is at
its default IO address. It is a 4 port, RJ-45 connector, ISA type.

This doesn't happen every time someone logs in and out from the modem.
Only sometimes and the sometimes is still unpredictable. Before upgrading
to a 2.0 kernel I occasionally experienced the hung uugetty, but HUP'ing
it never crashed the system. I am running CND-1.0 -> Picasso -> updates
-> 2.0-updates -> 2.0.10 kernel.

uugetty is from Red Hat's getty_ps-2.0.7h-1 rpm. I don't see how to get
the version out of the uugetty binary.

Any ideas?

A clip from /var/log/messages is below. ...If you look closely at
the reported date on the messages you will see that my bios clock
is off a bit, but I don't expect that is related and has been fixed.

Also, where is the kernel looking for the map file?
is in / with vmlinuz and has a matching date/time. What is it
looking for and what is the effect of it not finding it? /proc/ksyms
seems to be complete.


Aug 19 21:02:52 falcon sudo: tyson : TTY=ttyp7 ; PWD=/home/tyson ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/kill -HUP 945
Aug 19 21:02:52 falcon uugetty[945]: exiting on HANGUP signal
Aug 19 20:53:20 falcon syslogd 1.3-0: restart.
Aug 19 20:53:20 falcon kernel: klogd 1.3-0, log source = /proc/kmsg started.
Aug 19 20:53:21 falcon kernel: Cannot find map file.