Re: Linux support denial in commercial products?

Jeff Gustafson (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 14:20:27 -0700 (PDT)

>Hi all. Sorry for the long message but I think it's worth to think about
>To my surprise I've found that many commercial apps developers refuse to
>develop Linux versions of their products. Who and why? Here's the list
>I've built so far:
>------> GNN & AOL
>-there are versions of the GNN Server for Linux running fine. They
>incorporate a pthreads library of their own
>-I attach a message explaining why they're no longer supporting their
>Linux port. A problem related to kernel threads questioning clone

I've been in communication with one of the developers at AOL.
And let's just say I'm really excited! All AOL was saying is that there
are problems with the MIT pthreads package. When they tried to contact
the author to get the bugs fixed they never got any response. This
changed with the new LinuxThreads. They *have* been able to contact the
author and get bugs worked out. Want proof?
See HTTP://

If everything goes OK, they'll release the Linux version to
I don't have any affiliation with AOL. I'm just a FAN of Linux &

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